Mercaptan oxidation in Gasoline

Mercaptan oxidation in Gasoline

Europhtal additive 8090G is liquid catalyst used in liquid/liquid reaction in light cracked gasoline (or Naphta) sweetening unit as mercaptan oxidation unit.

Naphta, light cracked gasoline from FCC is contacted with a caustic solution and oxygen. Mercaptan (RSH) are then oxidized into oil soluble mercaptides with oxidation catalyst (as phthalocyanine catalyst).

Mercaptan oxidation is sweetening of light cracked gasoline. During this step TAN is reduced mercaptans are oxidized. Depending on the process design total sulphur can be reduced.


Europhtal additive 8090G is specially employed to sweet light gasoline without side reaction. This additive is a catalyst used for liquid/liquid reaction.


Europhtal additive 8090G allows to:

  • High catalyst activity
  • Control catalyst consumption
  • Improve caustic consumption by reducing caustic adjustment.
  • No side reaction
  • Sweet light gasoline
  • Ready to be used
  • Easy handling


In addition to a high activity mercaptan treating catalyst, Europhtal offers a monitoring of performances during the run of catalyst in order to improve reaction parameters (Concentration and consumption of caustic recycle, pressure, temperature…)